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Continuum Medical Care is one of the largest, integrated medical facilities in British Columbia. We provide comprehensive medical care to over 17,000 patients, utilizing an expert team of expert family physicians, medical specialists and allied health care professionals. At Continuum you will experience a unique level of team based medical care, seamlessly integrated with technology in our award winning medical model.

There are many new and exciting things happening at Continuum. We have recently opened our Lifestyle Centre, which features a medical fitness facility and a team of allied health professionals including nutrition experts, exercise professionals, health coaches, physiotherapists and more. Also new is our beautifully designed Walk In Clinic located at the corner of Marine Drive and 17th avenue. With the addition of these new facilities and professionals, Continuum can truly provide a complete healthcare experience for you and your family.

We provide a new model of Health Care for Canadians utilizing a Public Plus philosophy to offer our patients optimal medical care in a seamless transition between our public and private health care systems.

From prevention to treatment, from family physician to specialist, from children to seniors, from public to private, we provide a circle of highly integrated medical care for you linked through technology and skilled, compassionate health care providers.

A Continuum of care….for you