Continuum Medical Care is one of the largest, integrated medical facilities in British Columbia.         We provide comprehensive medical care to over 17,000 patients, utilizing a team of expert physicians and allied health care professionals through a continuous envelope of personalized care. At Continuum you will experience a unique level of team based medical care, seamlessly integrated with technology in our award winning medical model.

Our group of expert, full service Family Physicians are supported by one of the largest on site teams of Specialist Physicians in British Columbia and a growing team of allied health care professionals.  From GP to Specialist, infants to seniors, prevention to treatment we provide a circle of highly integrated medical care for our patients linked through technology and skilled, compassionate health care providers.

In the hospital, community, home, or our offices, we provide integrated medical care where you need it.  We support this care with our technology award winning Electronic Medical Record System  (EMR) allowing us to accurately record, track and monitor your health with a level of precision not previously available. In order to allow you to better manage your health, Continuum offers our patients a Personal Health Record which puts your medical information directly into your hands.

At Continuum, we provide a new model of Health Care for Canadians utilizing a Public Plus philosophy to offer our patients optimal medical care in a seamless transition between our public and private health care systems.

We are now offering new programs and services which will further enhance the quality of your medical care and extend the range of prevention and treatment services available to you. Designed with your convenience in mind, our new programs will extend a higher level of wellness and prevention services to you.

A unique blend of health care for Canadians……….a Continuum of Care for you.