Electronic Medical Records System (EMR) – Benefits

Some of the benefits of an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) include:

Direct Patient Care Benefits:

  • Improved patient care by giving  physicians better, and more timely, access to clinical information.
  • Increased legibility of medical records with improved quality and safety of patient care.
  • Improved recording of allergies and medication intolerances or side effects
  • Better monitoring and checking for drug interactions or contra-indications
  • Reduced duplicate tests and  clinical assessments.
  • An increased ability to track patient related data over time (weight, blood pressure, lab results, vaccinations etc.)
  • An enhanced ability to graph data such as lab results and medications
  • Establish and track patient care plans, especially for those patients with complex care requirements
  • An enhanced ability to identify patients who are due for preventive screenings or checkups
  • An enhanced ability to identify patients who need to be recalled for follow up care of chronic diseases
  • Enhanced patient privacy and  confidentiality as defined in legislation and professional practice standards.
  • Seamless, legible, electronic communication of patient information between physicians (GP and Specialist) and health care facilities.

Overall Medical Practice Benefits:

  • An enhanced ability to monitor and improve overall quality of care within the practice
  • An ability to run population-based reports that can assist in supporting overall better community health (e.g. epidemiology)
  • Improved access to imaging reports, medication profiles, hospital discharge reports and other data.
  • Easier access to patient booking and appointment scheduling, specialist referrals and community clinic bookings.
  • Help in clinical decision making
  • Improved office  efficiency,  workflow.
  • Greater coordination of multiple physician groups such as Continuum.
  • Off line medical record access for patients and physicians
  • Enhanced information flow between clinics (e.g. Travel vaccines from Continuum Travel flow directly in to a patients permanent medical record)