Health eGateway FAQs

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Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Health eGateway and a Continuum Health eGateway Registration Setup Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Continuum Health eGateway?

The Continuum Health eGateway is a secure, electronic link via a secure website between your electronic medical record at your doctor’s office and your computer.

What can I do with the Continuum Health eGateway?

You can login to the website to view your medical records including up-to-date medication and allergy histories and a listing of your current medical issues as well as family history.  You will be able to graph and track your lab results, review specialists’ documents, see a listing of your vaccinations and print all of this off for your use, or for the use of other medical professionals. The eGateway will also provide relevant and useful information about health risk management, disease prevention, new treatment methods and other beneficial health information. If you use our Travel Medicine Clinic, your immunizations will be directly entered into your electronic medical record and will be available to you anywhere in the world you have internet accessibility while you travel.

Where and when can I access the Health eGateway?

The eGateway is accessible to you at any time, from anywhere there’s Internet access. It can be an invaluable tool for communicating your up-to-date medical information, medications, allergies etc. to healthcare providers locally, across town and anywhere you travel throughout the world.

Are my medical records secure? Are my records available to any medical professional?

Your medical records are secure and remain with Continuum. Only those healthcare professionals and family members you designate can access your medical records. With the eGateway available to you anywhere in the world, you can share this information with health care providers of your choice and allow them to better understand your current medical profile. Continuum has gone through an extensive privacy impact assessment to ensure the security of your medical records. The eGateway  uses the same security protocols that the British Columbia Medical Services Plan has established throughout the province to maintain security for physicians accessing their patient’s medical records.

Can other people view my medical records through the Health eGateway?

You will be able to grant access to other individuals if you wish.

Will I need to look after my own medical records in the Health eGateway?

No. The medial records remain with Continuum. Information is added to your medical records via your physician’s entries, laboratory results, diagnostic tests (e.g. x-ray, ultrasound reports, etc.), specialists’ consultation reports, operation summaries, hospital admission information and other information sent to your physician. To maintain the consistency and accuracy of your medical records only your Doctor can add information to your records. The eGateway offers the opportunity to have a collaborative dialogue with your Doctor to  make your medical records as accurate and current as possible.

What other features will be added to the Continuum Health eGateway?

In the near future you will be able to book appointments online, request prescription renewals and communicate with your doctor and the medical staff at Continuum.

Can I access my family’s records?

The Health eGateway allows access to additional medical profiles that you designate. You can move from one profile to another without needing to log in again. This is especially beneficial with dependent children.

What if my elderly parent has no computer?

Your elderly parent’s profile can be connected with your profile so you can assist with the management of their health records. Other out of town siblings can also view the elderly parents’ record.

Continuum eGateway Registration Setup Guide (Click Here)