At the core of Continuum is a group of dedicated, expert, Full Service Family Physicians most of whom have practiced on the North Shore for years and many for decades. Our Family Physicians are well known in the North Shore and Lower Mainland medical communities and experienced in the options available for screening, diagnosis and treatment in the public and private health care system.  Many of our Family Physicians play active roles in the community and participate in a variety of Health Region programs, committees and administrative positions in addition to lead  and physician champion positions on various professional and provincial bodies.

A true full service Family Physician practices the full spectrum of medical care. From infants to seniors, through prevention, monitoring, screening, investigation, diagnosis, treatment, palliation and bereavement.  Whether the care takes place at Continuum, at the patient’s own home, or in a community facility, our Family Physicians provide care to our patients throughout their lives.

Utilizing Continuum’s award winning deployment of an advanced Electronic Medical Record System, our Family Physicians provide the following core services for our patients:

  • Dedicated personal physician to coordinate all of your care needs
  • Full range of age appropriate medical services from paediatric to seniors care
  • Annual comprehensive health assessments or Complete Physical Examinations
  • Comprehensive health planning
  • Psychological / Psychiatric screening, diagnosis, treatment and support
  • Leading edge preventative medicine including evidence based advice on options, benefits and risks of screening and diagnostics
  • In house diagnostics in addition to diagnostics in the broader community
  • Discussion re all screening and treatment options – both public and private
  • Chronic disease monitoring, utilizing advanced electronic medical record technology.
  • Automated medical recalls, reminders and notifications for laboratory and other results utilizing advanced electronic medical record technology.
  • Multi specialty collaborative care both utilizing our on site specialists and those in the broader medical community.
  • Multi disciplinary programs for Chronic Disease Management
  • Recalls and reminders for specific examinations and testing utilizing our advanced electronic medical records system.
  • Residential Care visitation / Home care visits where appropriate
  • Full Service Cardiology care utilizing in house specialists and advanced diagnostics in our Cardiac Referral Clinic.