Continuum Health eGateway Future Developments

Coming to the Continuum Health eGateway…………….

At Continuum, we will be continuing to expand the functionality of the Health eGateway portal and we are developing a number of new programs with the Health eGateway as the central focus of information sharing and collaboration amongst patients and health care professionals.  We are also working to bring you the following eGateway functionality and will keep you posted (through our website) on our efforts to develop these additional functions as part of the Health eGateway:

  • The ability to load important documents selectively into your on line medical record such as key specialist consultation letters and diagnostic reports
  • The ability to electronically send (via PDF document or electronic fax) your medical summary to any health care provider via your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desk top
  • On line appointment scheduling and bookings
  • Secure messaging with you health care provider and the Continuum support staff and allied health practitioners
  • Direct electronic interoperability between Continuum physicians and support staff and senior patients participating in our up coming Continuum Homecare Program
The Health eGateway is a platform on which Continuum will now be able to launch a variety of new public and private health care initiatives including prevention, chronic disease management and home care programs. 
This is an exciting stage for us as we endeavour to deliver excellence in health care…..for you.