Continuum Health eGateway

As the Canadian demonstration clinic for the TELUS Health Wolf EMR patient portal, Continuum is taking the Canadian lead in redefining our model of full service care with the deployment of the Continuum Health eGateway. Following the launch of the Health eGateway in January 2013 we have received an overwhelming response from our patients with hundreds of patients having already signed up to participate in the Continuum portal.

At Continuum we are putting your health information back into your hands. By providing you with on line, secure access to your vital health information, Continuum patients who opt into the service, can access their upcoming appointments, current conditions, current medications, allergies and medical history such as vaccination history, inactive conditions and previous medications.  No matter where you are in the world, no matter the time of day, patients can have potentially lifesaving information and their medical history at their fingertips.

For those with chronic diseases…..

We believe that by providing patients with their accurate, real time, up to date health history they will be engaged to take part in managing their health care in a proactive fashion. Our patients who are dealing with chronic diseases are now able to monitor their on going lab work and health status in real time, helping them to self treat and manage their long term health conditions better.

For those with kids or elderly parents…..

Many adults find themselves managing the health of their children, ageing parents or other dependent family members.  The Continuum Health eGateway portal allows users to gain proxy access to family members accounts in order to manage their family’s vital health information in one central, secure place, helping better manage the health of their loved ones. The Health eGateway can provide a link to the health information for our senior patients, allowing all of their children to participate in their care, no matter where they live throughout B.C., Canada or around the world. Need your child’s immunization history for that summer camp? The Health eGateway allows you access to print off an immunization, allergy or medication list right when you need it.

For those with privacy concerns…..

Continuum places paramount importance on patient confidentiality and the security of electronic medical records and patient health information.  Continuum worked with the Office of the Information and Privacy Commission for BC to review the procedures in place to honour privacy and confidentiality of their patients.  Enrollment into the program is in-person only, requires a PIN and registration invitations are time-sensitive.  The portal uses the latest security software, user accounts require strong passwords and measures have been put in place to ensure safeguarding of access to the health information.

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