At Continuum we are breaking new ground as we strive to become the first Canadian Medical Clinic to offer the full range of home care services, integrated with our Family Physicians, Specialist Physicians, Allied Health Care Providers, and the variety of medical clinics that we offer, through a platform of leading edge technology.

We seek to deliver the medical and supportive care our seniors require in a seamless manner from their home to our clinic, local health care facilities and hospital. We will be utilizing our own home care support workers, allied health care professionals, licensed and practical nurses, nurse practitioners and physicians to provide a seamless spectrum of health care for our elderly patients.


By linking this care with technologies such as our Electronic Medical Record System and Health eGateway we will provide a level of coordinated care not yet seen in family practice.  Our patient's medical information will flow from our Family Physicians to our patients home care support workers or nurses, to and from our local hospital and to our specialist colleagues. Through our patient protal, family members can remain in touch with, and participate in, the care their loved ones are receiving whether they are just around the corner, right across the country or anywhere around the world.

Please come back and visit our website for further updates as we develop our new home care programs.

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