Continuum has one of the most extensive rosters of on site specialist physicians in all of British Columbia. Covering a variety of specialties, and a number of specialty clinics, we offer coordinated care between our family physicians, specialists, and the specialty clinics within our facility. Seamless electronic referrals and coordinated bookings often allow us to book specialist visits in conjunction with on site diagnostic testing and family physician visits. It is often as easy as stopping at the front desk on your way out.

For specialty services not offered at Continuum our family physicians connect to a comprehensive network of world class specialists and can intervene to help in coordinating follow up care whether public or private specialty clinics in the community. Our family physicians are well recognized amongst the community specialists  aiding in the communication of urgent access issues. All referral letters are electronically sent, clearly and legibly communicating a patient's accurate and comprehensive electronic medical history, lab work and diagnostics, thereby enhancing the medical care our specialist colleagues are able to deliver for you.





Oncology (Cancer Care) 
  • (604) 913-8183 (Ext 11)
  • Direct: (778) 650 0164
Internal Medicine
  • (604) 913-8183 (Ext 10)
Neurology (Neurology Diagnostics Laboratory)
  • (604) 913-8183 (Ext 12)
  • (604) 913-8183 (Ext 10)
Plastic Surgery
  • (604) 913-8183 (Ext 10)
Pediatrics (Pediatric Rapid Access Clinic)
  • (604) 913-8183 (Ext 10)
Pediatric Rheumatology / Sports Medicine
  • (604) 913-8183 (Ext 10)

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